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Taz Running
We are no longer maintaining this site. It became too time intensive, and we had to move on to other things. Feel free to use the existing races. As long as their course map didn't change too significantly, they should still be useful. We will no longer be accepting orders for pace tattoos, but you are welcome to print out the free pace charts.
Pace Tattoos
Pace Tattoos
Our pace tattoos are easy to apply and easy to read while running. Any pace you want is available, it can even calculate different paces per mile, based on elevation changes.
You have two ways to create your tattoo:
How to Apply
Send us yours!
Picture of me crossing the finish line in the 2012 Myrtle Beach Marathon
Owen Lillywhite (Owner, Taz Running)
Here I am crossing the finish line of the 2012 Myrtle Beach Marathon. This was my second marathon, and first wearing a pace tattoo. Pacing yourself is so much easier with a pace tattoo. At each mile marker on the course, I glanced at my tattoo and knew instantly how many seconds ahead/behind pace I was.
Myrtle Beach is a flat course, so all the splits were even. I know these pace tattoos will be even more helpful at a course like Big Sur, that I'm running in April, where the splits will be different based on elevation changes.
Donna N.; Priest River, ID; 2012 Salmon Marathon
Donna N. (Priest River, Idaho)
Thank you SO SO much for my ultra cool and totally helpful running tattoo! I used it for my very first marathon in Salmon, Idaho, and I referred to it at almost every mile. I am positive that it was a major factor in me having such an awesome marathon experience. I will definitely be using your product again!
Cindy J.; West Jordan, UT; 2012 Salt Lake City Marathon
Cindy J. (West Jordan, Utah)
Thanks for the tattoo, it was a big help!
Gino N. (Manhattan Beach, California)
I am hooked! I used the Taz Running tatoo for the first time at the Santa Monica Classic 10k today. I have never paced myself so efficiently before and felt so good during the end of a 10k. I am usually a frontrunner and go out too fast, but used the pacing chart to go out slow and save my fastest splits for miles 5-6. The best part of the pacing chart is that I did not lose focus when calculating where I was versus plan and was able to break the race up into sections and just focus on 1 mile at a time. The end result was a new PR and I am confident that my pacing/focus on each mile split had a lot to do with it.
Another nice feature is that the temporary tattoo is really more like a sticker, thus it came off easy (I wore it on the back of my watch hand). No scrubbing or marks to identify me as crazy running freak at work on Monday! I will be using this for every race going forward.
Montie D. (Bossier City, Louisianna)
I unfortunately don’t have a very good picture of the pace tattoos, though I wish I had thought of it. They were very helpful and stayed on like a dream – no sweating off here. I especially liked how they were tailored to my specific needs, regarding my abilities on hills and the marathon course I was running. Little Rock was a challenge and it was my first marathon. Other tattoos I saw later I noticed didn’t go up to my need for 6 hours, so that’s what I appreciated about your product. Also, I couldn’t stand the thought of wearing a bracelet like a friend suggested. Twenty weeks ago, I never aspired to anything more than an occasional 5k and I sometimes struggled to keep a consistent pace for that short distance. There was little chance of me completing a 4.5 hour marathon, so I was grateful for your product. I was also glad it came so quickly in the mail!
My race went okay. I experienced what I hope are “rookie mistakes”. I had a whole lot of fun – the participants, volunteers and cheer teams were really awesome and inspiring. I can’t believe I am saying this, but I will definitely do a marathon again! And yes, I’ll be calling on you for another race tattoo.
Kathy P.; Raleigh, NC; 2013 Tobacco Road Half-Marathon
Kathy P. (Raleigh, North Carolina)
Thanks for helping me surpass my goal this morning. ;-)
Tim A.; Tacoma, WA; 2012 Light at the End of the Tunnel Marathon
Tim A. (Tacoma, Washington)
The temporary tattoos were super helpful in keeping me on pace and helping me crush my 4:00 goal - THANKS!
Anj S. (West Kingston, Rhode Island)
Thank you so much for the tattoos for Asheville - they worked out great and even after showering, they stayed, so I wore them like a badge of honor for like a week after Asheville. I have to say that your calculations were right on target. I had chosen a 4:00 and a 4:15 time, and I got a 4:07. (The weather was also pretty crappy.)
David Y.; San Diego, CA; 2013 Rock 'n' Roll San Diego Half-Marathon
David Y. (San Diego, California)
Just finished the San Diego Rock N Roll Half Marathon and I gotta say the tattoo was the best purchase for running I've done this year. My brother and I both got it (see picture attached) and were invaluable to reach our PRs!
Marc M.; New York, NY; 2013 Raleigh City of Oaks Marathon
Marc M. (New York, New York)
I used a taz running pace tattoo for the Raleigh City of Oaks Marathon. This is a smaller race, just 2500 entrants for the marathon, thus the fastest pace group offered was 3:30. I wanted to run between 3:10 and 3:15, so I was going to have to self pace. I put the tat on the night before, it worked perfectly per the instructions. More importantly, it lasted through the race and got me to the finish at 3:15. It was much easier to glance at on my forearms than the pace bracelets. We'll done, Taz Running. I will be using this next time!
David M.; Columbus, OH; 2014 Pittsburgh Marathon
David M. (Columbus, Ohio)
I couldn't thank you enough.

Having a pace tattoo, adjusted specifically for the Pittsburgh Marathon's hills, gave me confidence to push through; I knew what I needed to do each mile and more importantly it was realistic for that specific mile's elevation. Before I heard of your website, I was trying to do this in a spreadsheet - and not really succeeding.

I loved it! And I got a PR on a tough course (3:57). Thanks! Thanks! Thanks!
Karri W.; Pingree Grove, IL; 2014 Chicago Marathon
Karri W. (Pingree Grove, IL)
This last weekend I ran my 2nd marathon. Both were Chicago. My 1st year, the goal was to finish. This year I decided to run for time. Your site let me put in my customized splits! Totally awesome. I finished 8 mins under goal and followed the tat the whole time. A BARGAIN for the price. Thanks for making my second marathon memorable!!
John B. (Cincinnati, Ohio)
Hello, I purchased one of your customized marathon pace tattoos for the Illinois Marathon that I ran this past Saturday. It was very easy to apply before my race and stayed stuck to my arm despite over 3 hours of sweat and heavy rain. Using it in combination with my GPS watch, it helped me stay on my target pace mile by mile so that I was able to get my first Boston Marathon qualifying time! You have a great product that is very reasonably priced!
Meghan M.; St. Petersburg, FL; 2015 Grandma's Marathon
Meghan M. (St. Petersburg, Florida)
I purchased a custom pace tattoo for Grandma's Marathon in Duluth, MN (my 4th full!) this past weekend. I had spent the last several months training very hard in the hope that I could qualify for Boston at my race. While the race did have pace groups...I had my heart set on running a 3:33 marathon (b/c my BQ time is a 3:35). Needless to say...that meant I was basically on my own as far as pacing goes. That's why it was extra helpful to have my own personal pace tattoo to keep me on track. I am happy to report I was actually able to stay ahead of my tattoo's pacing and finished the race in 3:32:08 with a giant smile on my face! Looks like I will be shopping for a custom Taz Running Boston Marathon pace tattoo in 2016! :) Thanks again.